Sing to the Garden!

I’m especially excited to share ‘Hands in the Dirt’ with all of you gardening singers. Join us for a fun hour of songs perfect for singing in the garden. Kid and adult friendly. This is a free open house event.

Singing as Self Discovery

Next Saturday is all about YOU!

Join us for centering and joyful songs and 4 questions to deepen your understanding of who you are and what makes you happy.

I will bring new songs and we will sing some of the great songs we learned last week.

Bring a paper and pen/pencil along with you.

Looking forward to singing with you!

Register on Eventbrite:

Please share with friends and family who enjoy singing.

Singing is amazing in SO many ways:

Singing lowers cortisol and relieves stress and tension. Studies have shown that when people sing, endorphins and oxytocin are released by the brain which in turn lowers stress and anxiety levels. Oxytocin (a natural hormone produced in the hypothalamus) also enhances feelings of trust and bonding which also explains the reports that singing also improves depression and feelings of loneliness.

Singing boosts confidence. The release of endorphins gives singers a positive feeling and an energy boost. The act of learning a new skill, improving and being part of a group also helps to influence your confidence and self-esteem.

Singing is a mindful activity. So much is going on in your body and mind when you sing that when you are singing you are fully focused on it. This allows you to ‘turn off’ your stream of consciousness and live completely in the moment, distracting your mind from negative thoughts, focusing on the sound, the action, the breathing, the feeling and the pleasure of song. Mindfulness has been shown to have many benefits, including reducing stress and increasing focus.

One Week Until We Sing!

A little preview…

It’s just one week until I get to sing with you all. If you don’t know my story, I have a long history of singing but recently authentic self therapy showed me that singing is more than a hobby for me, it is at the center of my well-being. I have chosen to step into that reality and shift my work from parent education to community singing. I am so grateful that you are joining me as I reinvent myself! 

We don’t sing because we are happy.
We are happy because we sing. 
– William James

Free Birth Sounds & Songs Prenatal Class

Join us for 3 evenings of sounds and songs to support pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. We will focus on…

Posted by Find us on a fresh page at. Sing Dance Do on Friday, November 15, 2019

Join us for 3 evenings of sounds and songs to support pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. We will focus on practice and discussion, with some brief instruction. All experience levels welcome. Class One: Prenatal Stress Relief. Class Two: Labour Support. Class Three: Baby Bonding. Feel free to join any or all classes.

Classes are free but preregistration is required (see below). This class is designed for expecting mothers. Adult family members, postpartum adults, singers and birth educators are welcome.

Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm
Ehrlander Music Room
1721 15th Ave SW
Olympia WA 98502
November 26, December 3 & 10

To register, fill out the registration form here:

Questions? Email Fehlya at

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